Golden Hour Sleeve
Golden Hour Sleeve
Golden Hour Sleeve
Golden Hour Sleeve

Golden Hour Sleeve

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beautiful boho collaboration with @the.only.edition on bookstagram! We love the designs and names she picked for each of these.

Grace by Shan Sleeves are made with a medium firmness interior and a soft fabric interior that matches the design.

BOOK SLEEVES fit most hardback books (even BOTM) or multiple paperback books. Book sleeves come out to about 8.5"x11". These are handmade and each sleeve is unique with the placement of pattern and sizes may not be exactly 8.5"x11".

KINDLE SLEEVES - When purchasing the Kindle Sleeve please write what Kindle it is for and the dimensions of either your Kindle or the case on it in the notes section at checkout. If no dimensions are given at check out or emailed to us at within the first 24 hours of order confirmation, you will receive a kindle sleeve fit for a Kindle Paperwhite. Kindle sleeves are MADE TO ORDER so they may take an additional business day or two. We work hard to get orders out as quickly as we can, but unfortunately, we can't premake kindle sleeves as they are made to fit the dimensions given at checkout if any are given. 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Grace by Shan Sleeves are machine washable and best when air dried. 

*Please note that each item is handmade, so dimensions and patterns may not be exact.  Handmade means they are uniquely made with love and may have discrepancies.

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